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This web site is an attempt to present a small portion of Joan's body of work. Joan is a unique artist and her work speaks for itself. If you want to learn about the process or about Joan herself click on STORY down below.
To see an individual sample of the 20 etchings that are represented in this web site click on the small icons to the right, it will take about 30 seconds for each picture of the etching to redraw on the screen. If you have a small screen you will have to scroll down in order to see the rest of the picture and to see information about the print's size, it's cost and it's edition size.
The ORDER form doesn't work at this time, but you could give us a call or send an e-mail for a catalog, more information or to order an etching(s).
The DEALER link on the bottom is reserve for personal information (i.e. a picture of Joan's two wonderful and beautiful kids). At that point you will find a link back to here that says SISTRUM.
E N J O Y :-).
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